Thursday, November 27, 2008

This blog endorses Tan Kin Lian for president

Singapore need someone to stand up to the powers that be for the little guy and unsurprisingly, I personally don't think that anyone in the establishment does that although some of them do actually believe that they are working for the little guy (but their actions are nearly always diametrically against the little guy's interests).

If you believe that Mr. Tan Kin Lian, the former CEO of NTUC Income, should run for the Elected Presidency of Singapore, then please sign the online petition at, which requires your name, NRIC, phone number and email address. He is trying to garner 100,000 signatures to support his run for elections as the Elected President (EP) or a Member of Parliament (MP). He has less than a thousand votes and is very short now of the 100,000 votes. Please spread the word and get like-minded friends and acquaintances to sign the petition.

Being the former CEO of NTUC Income, he definitely passes the stringent qualifications requirements to run for the EP. His actions in fighting for a fair resolution for the Minibond investors and in speaking out against the cuts of NTUC Income insurance bonuses have convinced me that he is a public-spirited person who will be of immense service as the EP and whose views resonate strongly with mine.

The writer of this blog, Fox, strongly endorses Mr. Tan Kin Lian.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried to claim medical insurance from NTUC Income before?
It's the slowest in giving out payments - go and read ST.

Are you a motorist or workshop subjected to that firm's monopolistic practices, aka IDAC? Go read the papers to see what people say of him during his tenure there.

So much for using his NTUC Income credentials for launching a political career.

True Blue SG said...

Perhaps someone who is willing to stand up for others should request for petitions 'for' and 'against'.

Timmy Tan said...

You are endorsing him to be President? How well do you know Tan Kin Lian? Have you worked for him or with him?

Fox said...

Timothy Tan,

I don't know Tan Kin Lian personally, no more than the PAP MP I voted for in the last election, but from what I've read of his blog, I do agree with what his views on Singapore.

Timmny Tan said...

Hey Fox,

You say you agree with his views about Singapore? Can you share about of the views you agree with him on? You have never worked with him right? I know people who worked with him before, let me just say that he is more than meets the eye.

I hope Singaporeans who are just itching to act anti-establishment to check their facts about this man beyond his blog.That's all I am asking of people man.

I think in Singapore somehow people are just looking for someone or some people who are just contrary to the establishment's view. I believe in checks and balances BUT I also believe that we better open our eyes and get the correct checks OTHERWISE Singaporeans are going to get "balanced".

Fox said...

Well, if you are against him running for the Presidency, then give your reasons. Many Singaporeans will be interested in knowing those reasons.

Timmy Tan said...

Sure Fox, I am compiling a whole list of reasons before time erodes my memories.

But I am afraid man, I am afraid that he may do something if I share what I know.

I have seen him angry before man and it wasn't pretty. He "whacked" his staff who did not agree with his ideas. If he becomes President of Singapore, I am scared man. Really scared because he has a hypnotic appeal over people who are bought over by his "charm".

Let me think about it on whether I should come forward.

Fox said...

So, what is wrong with whacking your staff if you think you're right? Is having a harsh management style grounds for voting against the man?