Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ST: Spore's population is 4.84 million

From the Straits Times on 17 June 2009:
SINGAPORE'S population grew 5.5 per cent last year to reach 4.84 million, due largely to the influx of foreigners. The number of residents, that is, Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PR), rose 1.7 per cent to 3.64 million in June last year, said a report released by the National Population Secretariat (NPS) on Wednesday. There were 79,167 new PRs in 2008 - up 15, 540 from 63,627 the previous year and 20,513 new citizens, an increase of 3,179 from 17,334 over the same period. More than half of the new residents aged 20 and above had at least post-secondary education which shows that Singapore continues to attract talented foreigners. With more foreigners settling in Singapore, NPS said it has become 'more important' to help them integrate. NPS also said that Singapore continues to face the long-term demographic challenge of low fertility and ageing population. Singapore's total feritility rate of 1.28 in 2008 remained below the replacement level of 2.1. The proportion of residents aged 65 years and above also continues to increase to 8.7 per cent last year from 6.8 per cent in 1998. These trends underscore the need to 'continue working on long-term strategies to build a sustainable population, in spite of the economic downturn', added NPS. NPS also continues to engage thousands of Singaporeans who are overseas for work and studies through its Overseas Singaporean Unit to help them stay connected with home. As of June last year, there were more than 180,000 Singaporeans overseas.
Wow, over 50 percent of the new PRs over 20 in Singapore have at least post-secondary education and the ST calls our foreign talent policy a success in attracting talented people.

On the other hand, over 80 percent of each P1 cohort in Singapore go on to attend ITE, Polytechnic and Pre-University.

We the people of Singapore must be uber-talented.

And to the talents in Singapore Press Holdings, keep up the good work in nation-building.


Anonymous said...

Well spotted.

Chee Wai Lee said...

Well, they also need a new breed of voting talents who would, upon qualifying, brilliantly mark their voting slips "correctly" every election.

Fox said...

Chee Wai,

If new Singapore residents have a lower rate post-secondary education than 'old' Singapore residents, I invite you to consider the fact that these new residents are meant to replace Singaporeans who have left the country. Those Singaporeans who manage to emigrate are on average more highly educated than their peers who stayed.

You can draw your own conclusion about the success of Singapore's policy to reverse the brain drain phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

I could never understand that phrase "freak election". It is already almost no different from suggesting that people assume that the incumbent party has to be and will always be ...well, we know which......Surely, we should have a greater graciousness in our society for tolerating and allowing differences. Sigh....

As for brain gain, I think it is more likely brain drain, if we really consider that the ones who left Singapore are highly qualified executives and professionals. Those who came in are admittedly not necessarily all professionals and a lot came in on special passes. So well, we can probably figure as a whole what it amounts to.